Fake IBAN Generator

Generates Fake IBAN and random IBAN numbers for Germany, Spain, Italy and many other countries. Export them in multiple formats including: CSV, JSON and XML

What is a Fake IBAN Generator?

A fake IBAN generator is a tool or software that produces a fake International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for various purposes, such as testing or educational purposes. IBAN is a standardized international numbering system for individual bank accounts around the world. It is used to facilitate the processing of cross-border transactions and ensure the accuracy of bank account numbers.

Keep in mind: FakeIban only generate random and fake IBAN numbers that no real world use case and none of our generated number belong to any account holder.

Using fake IBAN for fraudulent purposes or to deceive others is illegal and unethical.

If you need a real IBAN number for making actual purchases, we recommend that you use a reputable financial institution. FakeIBAN is NOT a financial institution and only issue FAKE IBAN numbers.

How does a Fake IBAN generator work?

Generating a fake IBAN number for testing or educational purposes can be done using FakeIBAN.org. Here's a step-by-step guide for generating a fake IBAN, using the example of a fake German IBAN:

1. Country code: The first two characters of an IBAN are the country code. For Germany, the country code is DE. Use the appropriate country code for the desired country.

2. Check digits: The next two digits are the check digits, which are calculated using the MOD-97-10 algorithm. Since we don't have the full IBAN yet, we'll come back to this step later.

3. Bank identifier: The next set of characters is the bank identifier (Bankleitzahl, or BLZ, for Germany). This is usually 8 characters long. For our fake IBAN, you can generate a random 8-digit number, for example, 12345678.

4. Account number: The remaining characters represent the account number. In Germany, this is typically a 10-digit number. If the account number is shorter, it's usually left-padded with zeros. Generate a random 10-digit number, for example, 0123456789.

5. Assemble the preliminary IBAN: Combine the country code, bank identifier, and account number: DE123456780123456789.

6. Calculating the check digits: To calculate the check digits, follow these steps:

  • Replace the country code with their respective numeric values according to the international standard ISO 13616. For DE, D=13 and E=14, so the replacement is 1314.
  • Move the country code and check digits to the end of the string: 123456780123456789131400.
  • Perform the MOD-97-10 algorithm on this string: Calculate the remainder of the number when divided by 97, and subtract it from 98.
    • 1234567801234567891314 % 97 = 56
    • 98 - 56 = 42
    • The result, 42, is the check digit.

7. Finalize the fake IBAN: Replace the check digits placeholder in the preliminary IBAN with the calculated check digits: DE42123456780123456789.

Remember, this generated IBAN should only be used for testing or educational purposes, and not for any fraudulent activities.

What are the uses of a Fake IBAN Generator?

Random IBAN number for Prototyping:

A Fake IBAN generator can be used to prototype and test various scenarios. For example, if you're a developer working on a new international bank transfer system, you can use a Fake IBAN generator to test out the system.

Sometimes, developers will use real IBAN numbers to test their systems. However, this can be risky as it may result in actual transactions being made or sensitive data being compromised. Using a Fake IBAN generator is a much safer way to test international bank transfer systems.

Random IBAN number for Education:

Fake IBAN generators can also be used for educational purposes. For example, students studying programming or computer science can use a Fake IBAN generator to better understand how International Bank Account Numbers work.

Similarly, students studying mathematical algorithms can use a Fake IBAN generator to better understand how the MOD-97-10 algorithm, which is used for validating IBANs, works.

Random IBAN number for Code development:

The FakeIBAN Generator tool can be used by coders to develop and test various aspects of their code. For example, a coder working on an international money transfer system can use the tool to generate random IBAN numbers to test the system's payment processing capabilities.

Similarly, a coder working on a new algorithm can use the Fake IBAN Generator to generate test data. This data can then be used to verify that the algorithm works as intended.

Features of a Fake IBAN Generator

The FakeIBAN Generator tool comes with several features that make it very useful. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Support all major country including Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands
  • Allows you to select the quantity of fake IBAN you want to generate up to 500 random IBANs
  • Export results in multiple file formats including TEXT, CSV, JSON, XML

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will I have to pay anything to use FakeIBAN ?

No, our service is completely free of charge. You can use our free Fake IBAN generator tool to generate test IBAN numbers.

2. Can I make purchases using these random IBANs numbers?

No, you cannot. These are only for testing and development purposes. Any transaction would not be completed either, as the generated IBAN numbers do not belong to real bank accounts, and they are not connected to any legitimate financial institution or individual.

3. Is it legal to use FakeIBAN's Random IBAN Generator?

Yes, online Fake IBAN generators have plenty of legal uses, creating fake IBAN numbers is only allowed if the resulting information will not be used for malicious activities such as fraud and scams.

4. How to generate fake IBAN Germany?

Germany IBAN generator can be found here: https://fakeiban.org/iban-beispiel

5. How to generate fake IBAN Italy?

Italy IBAN generator can be found here: https://fakeiban.org/fake-iban-italy

6. How to generate fake IBAN France?

France IBAN generator can be found here: https://fakeiban.org/fake-iban-france

7. How to generate fake IBAN Netherlands?

Netherlands IBAN generator can be found here: https://fakeiban.org/fake-iban-netherlands

8. How to generate fake IBAN Spain?

Spain IBAN generator can be found here: https://fakeiban.org/fake-iban-spain


The IBAN numbers and other details generated by Fake IBAN Generator are completely random and do not hold any real-world value. Do not try to use these fake IBAN details to make any transactions as it will not work. Trying to hack or scam using fake IBAN info is illegal and can lead to punishment, such as imprisonment. We will not tolerate any illegal actions and will work closely with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute anyone who misuses our tools.